ToTheMoonGuy (┗(°0°)┛) is both the iconic mascot and rallying cry of Bitcoin die-hards worldwide. He valiantly declares for all to see: the price of Bitcoin, in relation to all fiat currencies, is going:

To the moon!!! ┗(°0°)┛ ..

How High is the Moon?

ToTheMoonGuy has naught but a single Bitcoin to his name, but when Bitcoin finally reaches The Moon, we will know, for ToTheMoonGuy’s 1 bitcoin will buy him his ticket.

(°◡°) <3

The Meaning

ToTheMoonGuy speaks out in both recognition and celebration of the greatest moments in Bitcoin. His conviction strikes fear in the hearts of central bankers, and his courage warms the soul of weary bitcoiners, even in the coldest episodes of oversupply. 

How does one "ToTheMoonGuy"?

ToTheMoonGuy can speak through anyone, but his most powerful form must be summoned. The syntax is simple:


The summon can be used simply in celebration of a bullish story:

Paging /u/ToTheMoonGuy!

Or as the stunning final argument in a heated battle of intellect:

Your argument is flawed; Bitcoin! Because Internet. /u/ToTheMoonGuy.

ToTheMoonGuy always answers our calls. When summoned, ToTheMoonGuy reminds us precisely where the price of Bitcoin is going:

To the moon!!! ┗(°0°)┛ ..

Truer words were never spoken.

ToTheMoonGuy Rocket

Often, when the opportunity arises, a picture can deliver a message that simply cannot be delivered by mere ASCII.

When you need some flair for your bullish bitcoin story, the ToTheMoonGuy Rocket image can offer you just the boost you need.

To stick this baby on your Reddit post, simple paste the link below in the URL field of your post:


For a head start, click this button:

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